Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service area that BC Crane Corp covers?

All of Southeastern Massachusetts and Boston.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

What kind of qualifications and training do your operators have?

BC Crane Corp’s #1 priority is safety. As such, all of our operators and engineers have both state and federal licenses, have been NCCCO and OSHA trained, and adhere to strict safety processes.

What type of projects do you perform?

We are willing to take on any and all new projects but our most common ones include setting roof trusses, rooftop HVAC equipment hoisting, steel beam placement,  modular home installation, landscaping/tree cutting support, and demolition.

Do you handle any permitting if necessary?

We try to work with every one of our customers and their specific needs. If they are working in an area or city that requires hoisting and/or street occupancy permits we can gladly handle obtaining these.

What is included in the cost estimate?

Typically, the cost estimate depends on what type of crane and for how long it is needed. It can also vary depending on where the job is located, if additional crew is needed (signalpersons, riggers, etc.), and if any special rigging is needed.

What size crane do I need?

This depends on a wide variety of factors including weight of the load to be lifted, how high up or how far away the load is being placed, if there are any obstacles present, and how the site is configured to name a few. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to call us.

What type of rigging is included?

Depending on the size and type of crane we have most common rigging configurations. Any specialized rigging such as spreader bars, man baskets, etc. are available upon request.

Do I need to do any site preparation for the crane?

Yes. Cranes by nature are very heavy and require firm, level ground to operate on. The site should also be cleared of as many obstacles and debris as possible. We will be able to point to any site prep that is necessary when we perform our site visit.